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So you think all the skins are boring?

You have a skin in mind, but just don't know how to do it?

Get your skin here for free!

Simple email me with the following details:

(Copy, paste and fill up the form with your details)


Topic: Free custom-made blogskin





My skin: (Describe, with as many details as possible, how you want your skin to be customised)


Rules and Regulations

To use the free blogskin, please follow the rules and regulations stated.

1. Remember to add puppie89's link in your blog.

2. Do not submit the skin in as your own.

3. Never abuse the skin.

4. No dirty skins to be made.

Thats all! (=


*Your skin would be posted in blogskins about a week after you sent the email.

*You'd be informed about the skin's submission.

*Each person to request for a free skin once per fortnight.


*Due to overwhelming responses and the fact that my exams are coming,

I would only do the free skin at random, meaning I will choose which skins to do.

*Thank you for your understanding.*


I hope you like the free service made for you!

Please leave a comment!


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